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So I went through all the SUPERNATURAL T-Shirt Design Challenge entries and picked out all the designs I would actually wear. UGH SO MANY AWESOME DESIGNS, BUT I JUST REALLY WANT TO WEAR THE ‘BALLS’ SHIRT MOST. FUCK.

omg tho they’re all so awesome I would buy all of them.

everyone go vote!!

Shouldn’t make a deal with Crowley by charmaise
The Family Business by patriciasantos
The Winchester by margiegeneroso011
Team Free Will by emilyrose
Winchester Brothers by margiegeneroso011
Darkside by SomewhatSavvy
Winchester Original by JKL
3 Step Program by Freakzter
Hunter Essentials by MonicaLaverdure
Hunter Inside by LilyThula

Not Pictured:
Tools of the Trade by mashimero
'Shoot first, ask questions later' (part 2) by lewcollinson
Winchester-Join the Hunt by CatB101

WTF!? How’s that I had no idea there was a contest about this?! Fuck, I’m always late for everything…
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